great warmth of feeling; enthusiasm;  passion:
"their well known ardor for those they gave care to"
synonyms: passion, fervor, zeal, vehemence, intensity, verve, fire, emotion; enthusiasm, eagerness, avidity, gusto, keenness, dedication
"approaching their care-giving with ardor"

    ArdorCare's mission is to help people age and live gracefully  in the comfort of their own homes. We are building an innovative platform utilizing the gig economy to bring Care-Aides and people in need together directly without the costly overhead of a classic placement agency. And by increasing access to care at an affordable price we will be helping families everywhere.

What We Are Doing:

Based in Vancouver, ArdorCare is developing a new platform for in-home health care delivery. By utilizing the gig economy and keeping people (working for themselves), we’ll be able to connect care workers directly with the people who need home care support. Care workers will be able to get paid higher wages by cutting out the costly placement agencies, while saving money for the families that use their services. Currently, we are raising capital to launch ArdorCare in 2019.

Our Story:

In 2014 Mike Prokopich founded ArdorCare after his family became incapable of keeping up with the needs of his aging mother, and her conditions she was dealing with. For weeks, while working his fulltime job, he drove hours each day to help and maintain care for his mother. Sitting in his car one day it hit him. It wasn't working. He could not be there or do enough for her. Eventually, something was bound to happen, and he and his family had to be ready if it got worse. Mike began to look for help. He began researching classic placement agencies, and discovered their high prices and the lack of control families have over which worker is placed in their loved one’s home. Instead, Mike began to interview potential caregivers himself. Dozens of resumes later he found his caregiver. Thankfully, he had experience managing and hiring staff, and knew what he was looking for and who best to care for his mother. Mike realized not everyone has the skills he has or the time to find the right person, and that was when he launched ArdorCare.

At first, ArdorCare functioned like a classic placement agency, hiring local workers to perform in home care tasks, such as laundry, dressing, cleaning and cooking, as well as transportation to appointments, shopping, exercise, respite care and more. Mike realized quickly that he was not reinventing the wheel and was modeling himself after the classic and problematic placement agencies. Luckily, there was a new model, a new way of doing business and delivering services. The gig economy was taking off. Now, in nearly every sector there is a way to go directly to the talent, but nothing so far in health care. And Mike and the ArdorCare team are positively changing this fact by bringing the gig economy to health care.

In 2018 ArdorCare began recruiting a core team of professionals to design the new platform, create the operations, and bring the ideas together.


Who we are:

                                                       Mike Prokopich                                                               Stephanie Ostler                                               

                                                           President                                                                        Vice President                                                           







With 2 stores in Vancouver Stephanie has been running her own business Devil May Wear for over 16 years. She works with startup companies from energy to fashion to get them off the ground in spite of the odds. She raises much needed capital and is willing to do the dirty work. She is currently running for City Council with the YES party in Vancouver.

From running a popular food distribution company to managing a large team of employees to designing and running a startup care worker placement agency Mike has great experience with the cogs and wheels of a big business. From day one he gets it organized to beat the competition.

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